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Lost or Found Dog - Let us try & help

Losing a dog is a scary and sometimes devastating experience. The following tips are provided to help you effectively plan your search but are not intended to be an exhaustive list. Several resources are included to help you find your four-legged family member. Spreading the word quickly and providing your contact information is one of the most important initial steps. Permanent identification such as a microchip or tattoo or ensuring that your dog is wearing a tag collar help others identify your pet.

1. Walk the neighborhood or area where you lost the dog and provide a description, show a photo as well as provide your contact information.

2. Call local animal shelters, animal control, and humane societies including the private, no-kill shelters and report that your dog is missing. The most common contacts for the York area:

SPCA of York County 717-764-6109
Animal Rescue Inc (aka) MD Line Rescue 717-993-9645

3. Contact the veterinarians in the area as neighbors may turn to their pet professionals with information about a dog that they find.

4. Visit local public shelters every day or two as these shelters rarely give out information about particular dogs over the telephone and often your description and their rescues may not sound alike by way of description over the phone.

5. Make posters that include a colored photograph of your pet and post them around the neighborhood, in convenience stores, at local vets, near schools, etc.

6. Call the neighborhood school and ask if you can tack a poster to the bulletin board. Kids have sharp eyes and are likely to know if they have seen your dog or if someone three streets over has found him and doesn't know how to locate you.

7. Place a lost dog ad in the daily newspapers, giving your area of town and a brief description of your pet. Below are a few links that also provide helpful information regarding lost pets.

American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery Program:
National Dog Registry: 
Pet Finder: 
Missing Pet Network: