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New Members Welcome!

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Click here to download and existing member renewal form.

All applications should be mailed to:
P.O. BOX 21393 | YORK, PA. 17402

The York Kennel Club welcomes new members.

All-breed clubs such as YKC offer the opportunity to meet with fellow purebred dog owners, breeders, and those that support responsible pet ownership who desire learning more about breeds beyond their own as well as giving back to the community. Our kennel club meetings encourage lively discussion and include an educational program.

Member Benefits

Member activities include regularly scheduled General Meetings every third Wednesday in January, April, July and October. Special presentations and programs follow the general meetings. Recent programs included canine CPR, canine acupuncture and requirements for pet-assisted therapy visits.

The June General Meeting includes a special presentation to honor those members who have achieved titles and honors in AKC conformation, obedience and field work.

All members receive the YKC bi-monthly Canine Capers Newsletter and have the option of appearing on the YKC Breeder Referral List.

The club hosts an annual holiday party following the December General Meeting for club members.

Volunteer Opportunities

The York Kennel Club sponsors and hosts an annual dog show and several activities each year. Members can support the club by participating in the events and volunteering. Becoming a Member of York Kennel Club Requirements for membership include having an interest in purebred dogs and a willingness to volunteer for club events and activities. In order to become a member you must attend two consecutive General Meetings and be sponsored by two current members of YKC.

The YORK KENNEL CLUB APPLICAION includes the club’s code of ethics which must be signed by the individual applying for YKC membership. The application may be submitted following the first General Meeting that the prospective member attends. All new member applications are then reviewed by the YKC Board. The new member must be in attendance for their second General Meeting to present their board-approved application at the YKC General Meeting. The application is presented by the prospective member for acceptance at the General Meeting and voted upon by regular club members.

To learn more about membership contact the YKC Club Secretary at Click for your Club Membership Application and Annual Dues Fees for Regular and Associate Membership.